TopScanner is the best app for scanning and digitizing a paper document to PDF file with your iPhone or iPad.

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Turns your iPhone into a portable scanner!

Our app is available on iPhone/iPad, iOS 10 is supported. Download now to get started!

TopScanner PDF Scanner for iPhone

Scan Paper Documents into PDF files Easily

TopScanner turns your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. You can scan whatever paper documents you might need easy access to and store them on your iPhone, in the cloud, or on your computer with just a few taps. TopScanner will automatically detect the borders and correct perspective and distortion. Then you can get a perfect scan document as PDF file. You can email, share or upload to clound.

TopScanner can scan any papers with your iPhone, such as paper documents,book pages, receipts, contract, checks, agreements, whiteboards, etc. You can scan receipts while you travel, notes on a whiteboard, or sketches on an envelope,save your scan to the cloud for future reference.

With TopScanner, you take a photo of your document, the app tries to identify the outline of the document, process the color of the image, then save the document as PDF file on you iPhone. You can save the digital version of your paper document in camera roll too.

PDF scanner app

Scan Documents

TopScanner app turns your iPhone and iPad into a portable scanner. It scans your business cards,receipts, whiteboards, printed documents,paper notes,sketches or any type of documents and save as a single high-quality PDF file. Then you can email,upload or share your digitized documents in PDF format. scanning a document or photo with great results is as easy as snapping a picture. Never bother with a scanner again with TopScanner App.

Convert to PDF

Scan receipts, book pages, whiteboard or any multipage documents int standard PDF files. You can edit the PDF file as you want. You can append pages, change page orders, delete page. With the PDF version of you scanned documents, you can export to iBooks, open in other apps, upload to cloud services such as DropBox, Google drive for backup purpose. You can also open the PDF files with 3rd party apps. The scanned document page can be saved into camera roll too.

File Manager

Full featured file manager with folders, drag and drop, edit file name, folder name. Sort documents by name, date, search documents by name. You can organize your scanned documents in folders.

Easy to share

You can email the perfect scanned document with TopScanner. Upload the PDF version of your document to Cloud services such as DropBox, Google drive, and other Apps for sharing.