TopScanner App for iOS
Turns your iPhone into a powerful portable scanner

Scanner app that scan multipage documents into PDF file

Scan receipts, book pages, whiteboard or any multipage documents int standard PDF files

TopScanner app turns your iPhone and iPad into a portable scanner. It scans your receipts, whiteboards, paper notes,sketches or any type of documents and save as a single high-quality PDF file. Then you can email,upload or share your digitized documents in PDF format

With TopScanner app, you can:

* Scan your receipts and save as PDF file to trace your expenses.
* Sign your contract with a pen and scan it with TopScanner, then send back by email.
* Scan the whiteboard in classroom and read them in iBooks as PDF documents.
* Digitize your paper documents and keep them organized
* Scan interesting newspaper or book pages for future reading
* Scan business card and save as a single PDF file
* Backup your documents to cloud storage.

Key features:

1. Smart algorithms to automatically detect document edge and correct perspective, it make TopScanner very easy to use.
2. Scan you documents in black white, greyscale or keep in original photo.
3. Multipage PDF editing: append ,rearrange or delete pages
4. Support cloud services such as Dropbox, Google drive, Box, OneDrive, Evernote etc while corresponding app is installed on your device. Once your document is scanned, you can upload to these cloud storage for sharing or backup.
5. Organize your scanned documents in folders, sort by name or date or search by title.
6. Control your PDF document size and quality.

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